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Reboot & Co Started as a Family

Reboot started with a family blending together, from different walks of life, with a shared vision for the future. From common passions – for adventure, for moments of self-care, and for community. From a marriage of four life experiences and two different, but equally as important, reasons to Reboot. One finding peace among the fast-paced, tech startup world. The other stepping away from the 9-5 grind. Add in two siblings forging their way in the world and making mindful decisions about the journey their lives will take, and Reboot was born.

A desire to find things that make us take a moment, pause, and find little treats, big adventures, solo or together as we make our way through our respective journeys.

Our Team


Meet Bryce, our Creative Director, and lead on all things aesthetic. He’s heavily inspired by a desire to do good, all while giving others the tools to feel good - whether through fashion, travel, or giving back to the community. “Any way we can offer assistance in giving people a second chance at life. It is so important that people feel important, nobody should ever have to feel less than anyone or anything else.” This mantra is at the heart of what drives him.

When it comes to staying local, Bryce finds joy in the little things - Sunday spent at home getting life in order and preparing for the upcoming week. When traveling internationally, it’s hard to beat the unbridled excitement in the back of a taxi, on the way to your destination from the airport. It really is the best dose of dopamine, no plans just vibes!

When it comes to fashion, Bryce is heavily influenced by the late Virgil Abloh, founder of Off-White and Creative Director of Louis Vuitton. His message was to empower young people to be creative and express themselves through their ideas. Off-White had much success with its streetwear forward designs that have now become easily identifiable, and has set a great benchmark for the brands that will come after his legacy.

With travel and food, Bryce is drawn to the Indian and Asian regions of the world. He’s traveled to India during their Holi festival, experiencing the local culture, lifestyle, religion, food, and people. His go-to food is Japanese and Thai - and definitely recommends TikTok as a solid resource for flavorful, nutrient rich foods from the region!

Bryce hopes to be remembered for enabling people to reach their full potential. Life is short, and tomorrow is never promised, so there’s no day like today to kick off your Reboot state of mind!


Meet Amanda, Reboot’s Swiss Army knife of interests - think ballerina meets STEM-enthusiast meets human-trafficking-prevention-advocate. She was integral in the creation of Reboot, mid-pandemic, all while pursuing her Master’s degree in STEM. 

Amanda brings a different angle to Reboot’s fashion focus - timeless meets tech. One hope for Reboot in the future is not only to scale internationally but to explore the fashion tech world and integrate where it makes sense. 

When it comes to finding her own way to Reboot, nature is front and center. Heading outdoors, cell phone off, on the beach with a side of salt, waves, and a healthy juice or smoothie. Afterwards, a window-down drive to a cozy bed and breakfast, or a swanky hotel, depending on the occasion.

When traveling internationally, Amanda calls India the place to be. “India was the first time I traveled somewhere exotic; a place where you are meant to have cultural shock. From the busy streets of New Delhi, to the overwhelming smells, to the vibrant colors of the food and clothing and to the mighty jewel of the Taj Mahal glistening at sunset. Nowhere is like India, it's a must!”

Why is she so passionate about Reboot? “Every day at Reboot and Co is so different, and I am afforded a new learning opportunity each and every day. As someone who is a continuous learner, this attracts my attention. It gives me a voice and an outlet to express my creativity! I can be a fashion designer one moment and a wellness practitioner the next.”


Meet Addie, our true Reboot den mother(and she’s got her fave Ralph Lauren Boy Scout-inspired shirt to prove it). Addie’s love for the concept around Reboot is bookended by two things - her love for sharing her tips, tricks, travel, and finds, and the philanthropic drive to give back to those in need. To leave the world a better place than she found it.

Her favorite place to find her own local Reboot? On the water. An overnight boating trip, anchored in a cove, paired with a rainbow-inspired salad and a healthy protein. Pair it with her favorite music, and it can’t be beaten. Favorite fest or concert? Rufus Du Sol at Red Rocks, 2021. Beyond the music, it was the first concert to take place at Red Rocks once it reopened from COVID restrictions, and the energy was palpable. A group of people coming together to share an experience that many hadn’t had for 2 years. Those moments of community and shared human experiences are a big part of what drives her.

Although Addie lists Kenya, Tanzania, and the Serengeti as favorite getaways, Israel tops the list. “Israel is a place that everyone on this Earth should visit.  It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, this beautiful country is filled with history.  Although it is a small country it is mighty.  The topography is unbelievable.”

Addie’s biggest hope for Reboot is to scale internationally and inspire as many people as possible with stories, health tips, and fashion.


Meet Michael, our leader and advisor on all things business development at Reboot & Co. Coming from a startup background, Michael has lent valuable knowledge to making his family’s dream become a reality. Reboot is his own personal Reboot from the day-to-day of being a serial entrepreneur and business mentor. He’s incredibly passionate about working within a family business, as it’s a rewarding opportunity for him to pass his business knowledge to his children.

When not working, Michael loves to embrace the city-hopping life. His favorite family vacation? Scuba diving in the British Virgin Islands. When not on the water, he’s a fan of exploring big cities - ala Paris (the city of lights, of course!) or hiking in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

The whole family loves a good festival, and Michael’s go-to is the New Orleans Jazz Fest. Why? What’s a better pairing to music than cajun food, great people, and a lively city? A true believer in balance, his go-to snack splurge is Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.

Michael’s biggest hope for Reboot is to see it grow into a brand that is inspirational to all - through little treats or big splurges - while promoting a healthier world for both people and the planet.


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