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Crystal Farm for Reboot F//W 2022

Reboot & Co’s F//W 2022 collection cites Aspen’s Crystal Farm as creative inspiration.

The Fall//Winter 2022 release features inspiration from the simultaneously rugged and sophisticated landscape of Aspen, Colorado. More specifically, the line traces its roots back to Crystal Farm, a family-owned furniture and lighting design company that specializes in using naturally-shed antlers to create stunning, one-of-a-kind statement pieces for homes and businesses. Crystal Farm owners and founders Joan and Steve began crafting their iconic pieces in 1983. The Reboot family would later become personal friends of the Crystal Farm team, spending leisure time at the farm while the kids grew up side-by-side exploring the wonderfully wild Aspen terrain. These years of transcendental solace crescendoed into fashion inspiration for Reboot’s founders.

“When designing this collection, the Ranch Jacket specifically was named in honor of the Crystal Farm,” said Bryce Clayton, Reboot’s creative director. “I wanted to be able to harness the feeling and style that the true Aspen Valley locals exude.” The jacket emerges as season two’s marquee ready-to-wear item, presenting itself in a western chic profile with a gritty foundation that was carefully curated from top to bottom. The front features four utility pockets, heavy-duty zipper closures, silk lining, and a hidden interior pocket. The two colorways offered considered the hues of the Aspen itself, including an off-white boucle fabric for “snow” and a brown wool tweed appropriately labeled as “ute”. 



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